Tropical Paradise

Escape to a Tropical Paradise where warm breezes blow and palm trees sway. With its lush tropical climate, Cairns, Australia has quickly become a haven for outdoor enthusiasts, tourists and nature lovers. Learn more about tropical fruits, tropical paintings, tropical plants, tropical fish and tropical flowers.



The Big Apple

"The Big Apple" is a nickname for New York City, famous for its gourmet dining and night life. But many people don’t realize how much fun visitors of all ages can have here. Enjoy our guides to New York City with self-guided walks, cultural history, visual arts, architecture, museum listings, directions and parks.



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Exploring Canada’s West Coast

Canada’s West Coast is a land of mountains and sweeping ocean vistas. If the beautiful scenery on offer doesn’t make you want to take a road trip, then nothing will. Although ‘Western Canada’ refers to the four Canadian provinces West of Ontario (Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and British Columbia), in reality, when you talk of the West Coast, you are talking exclusively of British Columbia, from the border with Washington State and the US in the South, to Alaska in the North.

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Vancouver Island ecstaticist 

Any West Coast odyssey should begin here, in Vancouver, the city on the water, flanked by the mountains, and famed for its laid back culture.

Vancouver Island
One of the best options from Vancouver is to take a driving tour around Vancouver Island. Here you can spend some time getting back to nature, and enjoying some frontier scenery. Vancouver Island is home to the capital of British Columbia, Victoria, as well as Vancouver Island national park. Depending on the time of year of your trip, it is possible to see Orcas, as well as Caribou and even bears on Vancouver Island. The benefit of this road trip is that it is a large loop, making car hire cheaper, as well as fly-drives. You can begin and end in Vancouver or Victoria and spend some time getting to know Canada’s cities as well as its beautiful flora and fauna.

Hot Springs
Another popular road trip in British Columbia is the Hot Springs road trip in the southern part of the province, near the border with Alberta. Here the Canadian Rockies produce beautiful mountain scenery, and the hot springs bubbling up in the region allow you to take a dip in naturally warm water. This is more of a wild road trip, with few towns on the route. This makes it ideal for a summer trip, perhaps in an RV or even with a tent.

Great Northern Circle
By far the most dramatic road trip to take is the ‘Great Northern Circle’ route, which takes in British Columbia’s rugged northern wilderness. This trip is perfect if you are a fisherman, with some stunning rivers that make catching salmon and other large fish a spectacular activity. This is a road trip that should be enjoyed for a longer period, and so a week at least is required to get to grips with this journey. Read more


Luxury Travel Reviews Of Montreal

Montreal may not be the first city you look for in luxury travel reviews. This seemingly normal city actually sits atop another city, built entirely underground. While your perfect vacation may not be to spend time beneath the surface of the city, seriously consider the history and culture of Montreal’s own hidden city. You’ll find a remarkable history and culture alive and thriving beneath the streets of Montreal.

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A Brief History Of Underground Montreal

Underground Montreal began as a shopping mall with the purpose of hiding an unsightly pit of railroad tracks from view. In 1966, the Montreal Metro was built to accommodate the World Expo in 1967. This sparked the creation of even more malls and tunnels being built underground. Through the years, the underground city grew, until it became what it is today. Currently, it’s an amazing 20 miles, covering about four million square meters. It links more than 2000 stores, several metro stations and bus terminals, more than 1,000 office buildings, more than 1,000 units of housing or apartments, and various other venues. There’s even movie theaters, hotels, a cathedral, and universities, all located underneath the streets of Montreal. Read more