Tropical Paradise

Escape to a Tropical Paradise where warm breezes blow and palm trees sway. With its lush tropical climate, Cairns, Australia has quickly become a haven for outdoor enthusiasts, tourists and nature lovers. Learn more about tropical fruits, tropical paintings, tropical plants, tropical fish and tropical flowers.



The Big Apple

"The Big Apple" is a nickname for New York City, famous for its gourmet dining and night life. But many people don’t realize how much fun visitors of all ages can have here. Enjoy our guides to New York City with self-guided walks, cultural history, visual arts, architecture, museum listings, directions and parks.



Indulgent French Food You Have to Try When Driving Across France

Driving across France can be the ideal holiday for a couple or for a single tourist. It allows you to take in the sights, sounds and culture of France at your own pace and allows you to experience each region as quickly or as fully as you want to. Renting a car in France is quite easy if you have a valid UK driver’s licence and passport and there is a large variety of vehicles to choose from with international companies like Alamo.

Moulard Duck Foie Gras with Pickled Pear

The French are renowned for their food, and with good reason. Each region in France takes inspiration from neighbouring countries, meaning that the food in different regions is varied and rich. There are some staples that you can get anywhere, such as the toasted sandwich (Croque Monsieur/Madame), croissants and French onion soup, but each region has many delicious dishes associated with it.

In the south west of France most of the foods found are rich and heavy. Duck and goose liver (foie gras) are popular, as are oysters, truffles and mushrooms. Most of the food comes paired with heavy Bordeaux wines, which is not overpowered by the rich foods. Regional specialities include confit de canard (leg of duck that has been preserved with salt and spices) , foie gras (specially fattened goose liver) and pruneaux d’agen (pitted prunes that have been stuffed with prune puree).


Normandy, in the north-western part of France is mainly known for its apples and seafood. The apples are used for cider as well as in cooking and in calvados. The seafood in the region is particularly good, with the focus being on oysters and mussels. The region is also known for the Camembert and Brie cheeses. The crepe is the most well-known food found in Brittany, and can be found in every town and city in the region. It is usually served sweet, either with sugar, sugar and lemon or with butter and sugar.

Eastern France shares a border with Germany, and food in this region is influenced by German sensibilities. Most food involves cabbage and pork in some form or another. Savoury pastries made from pork are popular, and these are served with foie gras or jams and preservatives.

Burgundy is known for having the best beef in France, and this is heavily used in cuisine in the region. Two well known dishes from this region are coq au vin, chicken braised in Burgundy wine with garlic and mushrooms and Boeuf bourguignon, braised beef stewed in red Burgundy wine with garlic, beef broth, onions and mushrooms.

The south of France is bordered by Spain, and the foods in the region are heavily influenced by Spanish cooking. Tomatoes, peppers and spicy sausages are prevalent and are used in a variety of dishes. Cassoulet, a slow cooked casserole with pork sausage or mutton, pork skin and white beans is the iconic dish of the region.


The south-eastern position of France borders Italy, and the cuisine is based around olives, herbs and olive oil. Fish stew, known as bouillabaisse is the staple dish of the region, and is often the main course in restaurants as well as in the home.


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